The 'Pay As You Save' Route An Efficient Cloud
Making Cloud Waste A Thing Of The Past

Best value Cloud cost optimization solution
Tackling the root causes of Cloud waste

For just $5 (one month's monitoring fee) you get a comprehensive review of resource idleness, oversizing and many other inefficiencies accross Azure, AWS and now Google Cloud.

For example, Altocapa will tell you how many days (or more often years) a sql database may take to fill up based on a review of its growth. It may suggest a smaller size and the saving you can achieve. It also finds those forgotten backups and other orphaned resources that accrue cost is forever!

'Pay As You Save' pricing means you only pay a savings fee when a resource recommended for change is recorded as changed resulting in a cost reduction. You will be saving approx. 20 times the savings fee! Signup today and to get you started we give you $90 savings fee credits worth up to $1800 in annual savings

Altocapa provides simple recommendations that anyone can understand but also provides the details required to make those cost saving changes. It includes a workflow so you can track changes from recommendation to verified completion by relevant team.

Altocapa provides continuous optimization and helps you keep track of everything in the long term with a rolling summary dashboard. It's breadth and level of scrutiny goes far beyond other popular Cloud optimization solutions and what the Cloud platforms provide themselves.

how 'Pay As You Save' works...

  • Altocapa monitors an extensive list of your Cloud resources accross Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.
  • When it finds a resource that it recognises as inefficient it creates an Action including the potential annual saving*, the savings fee and summary analysis details.
  • You can dismiss the Action or start the workflow to reveal full details including resource identity and assign the action to any added stakeholder.
  • Triggering the workflow doesn't mean you get charged anything, but Altocapa start a period of checking to see if the resource does get removed or changed resulting in a saving. Only when a cost saving change is found do you get charged the advised savings fee.
  • Fee charges are always taken from a balance you control on Altocapa
*All savings estimates are based on the current regional on-demand price list