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"Altocapa is an essential part of our Azure cost strategy. It was so effective that we recommended it to all of the sister companies in our portfolio.

The decision to use Altocapa was a no-brainer because they guarantee you'll save before you spend anything. After about 2 weeks, we identified 30% of over-spending that we didn't know about.

The savings was huge, and equally as important, the system alerts us every 2 weeks about new servers or resources added, that may be overprovisioned."

Kunal Johar, Chief Technology Officer -

What problem does Altocapa resolve?

There are many advantages to Public Cloud but one of the big disadvantages is how easy it is to lose track of what is still needed or is now bigger and more expensive than currently required.

Forgotten or oversized Cloud infrastructure can be a significant unnecessary cost forever!

Why is Altocapa uniquely placed to solve this problem?

  • Altocapa is a 'single pane of glass' view of the efficiency of any size of Cloud from single subscription to multi-cloud environment.
  • Altocapa continually analyses the most extensive list of deployed Cloud infrastructure for potential cost savings.
  • Altocapa's breadth, level of scrutiny & depth of advice goes far beyond that of other popular FinOps solutions and the Cloud platforms themselves.
  • It also tells you things like how many days (or more often years) a database may take to fill up and suggest a smaller size and the savings you can make.
  • Altocapa not only advises on potential savings, but it also continues to check to make sure the savings do get made.
  • Altocapa can be simply installed and billed from Azure - other options are available

Who is it for?

Altocapa is for anyone who wants to have oversight and confidence in Cloud cost efficiency without effort. e.g. Managed Service Provider, IT manager, CTO, Project Manager, Engineering/DevOps Lead, Finance and FinOps personnel

Is it secure?

Altocapa is a SaaS system and therefore does not require a potentially security compromising Cloud install. Your Cloud admin will provide a limited permission that allows Altocapa to monitor performance and efficiency data only. Altocapa cannot access any of the business data stored or running on your systems.