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What problem does Altocapa resolve?

Before the Cloud, IT infrastructure was paid for up-front and centrally managed by specialist teams who had a focus on cost efficiency. Now it’s more common for distributed teams to pick from a large list of expensive Cloud resources. These teams often have other responsibilities and the lack of oversight of what should continue to be paid for and what's being overpaid for is a growing problem.

Why is Altocapa uniquely placed to solve this problem?

  • Altocapa is a single pain of glass view of the resource efficiency of any size of Cloud from the single cloud of an SME to a complex corporate multi-cloud environment.
  • Altocapa continually analyses the most extensive list of Cloud resource types carrying out hundreds of checks to confirm each resource is needed and being used cost effectively. Its breadth, level of scrutiny & depth of advice goes far beyond that of other popular FinOps solutions and the Cloud platforms themselves.
  • When Altocapa finds inefficiency, it triggers a workflow and provides one or more cost saving options. Options include a summary that can be understood by anyone and the detail necessary for the technical stakeholder who will make the change. It enables those conversations between Finance and IT where everyone is working to save on costs!
  • For accurate reporting and to save time consuming manual followup Altocapa does extra checks to verify planned changes do get made.

Who is it for?

Altocapa is for anyone who wants to have oversight and confidence in the cost efficiency of their Cloud without having to chase down every cost saving opportunity. e.g. an IT manager, CTO, Project Manager, Engineering/DevOps Lead, Finance and FinOps personnel
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