FinOps, the practice of bringing financial accountability to the variable spend model of Cloud has been hugely beneficial in Cloud cost saving. Traditional FinOps software platforms have been key in supporting the allocation of spend to relevent projects, teams and budgets. These platforms have also helped in cutting significant costs through management of purchasing commitments.

One area where these FinOps tools often fall short, is in providing detailed insight into how the huge variety of Cloud infrastructure and services can be made more efficient. It’s all very well knowing what project or budget is responsible for a large proportion of Cloud spend but, regardless of culture, it’s another thing to get engineering teams to reduce that spend. In fact, getting engineering to cut Cloud cost is consistently one of the highest-ranking issues found in FinOps polls


Altocapa FinOps

This is where Altocapa comes in. Altocapa continually analyses the most extensive list of Cloud infrastructure for potential cost savings. It gives engineering teams all the information they need to tune Cloud infrastructure and services, so you are only running what you need when you need it and at the right size!

Over time Azure, AWS and GCP have refined and improved their own free tools that help manage purchasing commitments and cost allocation. In fact, these free services are now often better than the traditional FinOps tools.

Using Altocapa in conjunctions with what's available for free on your own Cloud platform is now the low-cost way to the best most comprehensive FinOps tooling available!