Our Partners

We work with partners including FinOps Consultants, Consultancies and Managed Service Providers who use our services to augment their own. We provide a partner branded portal where you can manage all you clients Cloud efficiency needs in one place.

Help with marketing

Offer an attention-grabbing FREE CLOUD EFFICIENCY SCAN from your own branded portal. Once monitoring is complete you can review the potential savings with your client or prospect. This not only leads to sales of your branded Altocapa service, but you now have a client open to all your other services and at no upfront cost.


For Managed Service Providers

You can setup a client with Altocapa monitoring in minutes. They can receive cost saving actions either on a fully automated basis or with your oversight. Using Altocapa means Cloud Cost Optimization can be an attractive addition to your list of services.

For FinOps consultants and consultancies

Many FinOps practices focus on allocating Cloud spend to correct departments, projects, and budgets. This exercise is useful and enables the cost owners to put pressure on the IT owner to ensure efficiency. There are however two problems with a focus on just this approach

1. The cost owner will often not understand what the Cloud service should or could cost.

2. Without specific easy to understand costed recommendations, it’s difficult to engage engineering in cost saving exercises.

Altocapa provides the specifics and automates the whole flow from cost saving recommendation to tracking that a change has been made by the relevant team. This saves an enormous amount of time and on the odd occasion when you or your client do need to follow up on a saving recomendation, Altocapa provides the guidance needed for a meaningful conversation with engineering.

Getting engineering to make a change is cited as one of the three biggest problem areas in FinOps. We find when engineers are given the right information, they are much more confident and more likely to make a cost saving change.