Altocapa monitoring

Altocapa continually analyses an extensive list of the different types of Cloud resources to confirm each resource is needed and being used as cost effectively as possible. Its breadth and level of scrutiny goes far beyond that of other popular FinOps solutions and the Cloud platforms themselves.

Monitored resources

Platform Resource Monitored For Professional Enterprise
Azure Analysis Services Idle
Azure Analysis Services Right-size
Azure Analysis Services Tag tracking
Azure API Management Idle
Azure API Management Tag tracking
Azure App Service Plan Idle
Azure App Service Plan Right-size
Azure App Service Plan Tag tracking
Azure Application Gateway Idle
Azure Application Gateway Tag tracking
Azure Bastion Idle
Azure Bastion Tag tracking
Azure Batch Idle
Azure Batch Tag tracking
Azure Cosmos Idle
Azure Cosmos Tag tracking
Azure Cloud Services Idle
Azure Cloud Services Tag tracking
Azure Data Factory Idle
Azure Data Factory Tag tracking
Azure Firewall Idle
Azure Firewall Tag tracking
Azure Frontdoor Idle
Azure Frontdoor Tag tracking
Azure Load Balancer Idle
Azure Load Balancer Tag tracking
Azure NAT Gateway Idle
Azure NAT Gateway Tag tracking
Azure Power BI Embedded Idle
Azure Power BI Embedded Right-size
Azure Power BI Embedded Tag tracking
Azure Redis Cache Idle
Azure Redis Cache Tag tracking
Azure Service Bus Idle
Azure Service Bus Tag tracking
Azure Sql Dtu Idle
Azure Sql Dtu Right-size
Azure Sql Dtu Tag tracking
Azure Sql Dtu Storage Right-size
Azure Sql vCore Idle
Azure Sql vCore Right-size
Azure Sql vCore Tag tracking
Azure Sql vCore Storage Right-size
Azure Sql vCore Serverless Right-size
Azure Sql vCore Serverless Tag tracking
Azure Sql Elastic Pool Idle
Azure Sql Elastic Pool Right-size
Azure Sql Elastic Pool Tag tracking
Azure Sql Elastic Pool Storage Right-size
Azure Sql Managed Instance Idle
Azure Sql Managed Instance Right-size
Azure Sql Managed Instance Tag tracking
Azure Sql Managed Instance Storage Right-size
Azure Virtual Machine Idle
Azure Virtual Machine Right-size
Azure Virtual Machine Tag tracking
Azure Virtual Machine On/Off scheduling
Azure VM Scale Set Idle
Azure VM Scale Set Right-size
Azure VM Scale Set Tag tracking
Azure AKS Idle
Azure AKS Right-size
Azure VM Managed Disk Orphaned Housekeeping
Azure Disk Snapshot Housekeeping
Azure VM Managed Disks Right-size
Azure Virtual Network Gateway Idle
Azure Virtual Network Gateway Tag tracking
AWS Cloud Search Idle
AWS Cloud Search Right-size
AWS Cloud Search Tag tracking
AWS Cloud HSM Idle
AWS Cloud HSM Tag tracking
AWS DynamoDB Idle
AWS DynamoDB Right-size
AWS DynamoDB Tag tracking
AWS Elastic Block Store Idle
AWS EBS Orphaned Housekeeping
AWS EBS Snapshot Housekeeping
AWS EC2 Idle
AWS EC2 Right-size
AWS EC2 Tag tracking
AWS EC2 On/Off scheduling
AWS ElastiCache Idle
AWS ElastiCache Right-size
AWS ElastiCache Tag tracking
AWS Elastic Search Idle
AWS Elastic Search Right-size
AWS Elastic Search Tag tracking
AWS Load Balancer Classic Idle
AWS Load Balancer Classic Tag tracking
AWS Load Balancer v2 Application Idle
AWS Load Balancer v2 Application Tag tracking
AWS Load Balancer v2 Gateway Idle
AWS Load Balancer v2 Gateway Tag tracking
AWS Load Balancer v2 Network Idle
AWS Load Balancer v2 Network Tag tracking
AWS RDS Right-size
AWS RDS Tag tracking
AWS Redshift Idle
AWS Redshift Right-size
AWS Redshift Tag tracking
AWS S3 Right-size
AWS S3 Tag Tracking
GCP Compute Idle
GCP Compute Right-size
GCP Compute Tag tracking
GCP Compute On/Off scheduling


Altocapa requires limited permissions granted to the Altocapa service on the Cloud platforms you wish to monitor. The Altocapa service only require permissions to read configuration and performance metrics. It does not require and cannot read any of the business data processed by the resources under review. Setup can be completed in just a few minutes. Contact us for full details.